Spring 2022 Television

KENOBI: Those first two episodes exceeded my already high expectations. Amazing show! Everything I hoped it would be… and we still have Hayden as Vader to look forward to! I had no idea Little Leia was going to be in this, so that was a huge surprise. The actress is perfect and her interactions with Ben are hilariously adorable. As much as I love Mando…. this looks like it’s going to be the best SW tv series!

STRANGER THINGS 4: While the show is always over-long and takes too long to get going, I am still completely hooked on the characters and story. I did not enjoy the teen drama going on between Eleven and Mike and Will though! These kids should be closer and inseparable after all they’ve been through! I don’t want to spoil the ending but I thought it was excellent with an excellent plot twist I did not see coming. Can’t wait for the conclusion in a month!

STRANGE NEW WORLDS: Another pleasant surprise. I’m really enjoying the show thus far. After everything being so serialized lately, it is refreshing to just get standalone adventures. The characters and actors are great and the production values are astounding.

HALO: I’m afraid my initial excitement for this show wore off rather quickly. I have so many fundamental problems with the creative choices made in this show and the changes from the source material. Cortana was great but I just did not like anything they did with the Master Chief and his arc at all. I had zero interest in all the new side characters. I just wanted a fleshed out version of the Fall of Reach and the discovery of Halo and I did not get that at all.

MOON KNIGHT: While I enjoyed the show, this is definitely my least favorite MCU series thus far. It was fine and had some great bits in it, but the complete lack of connection to the MCU and the barely-there use of Moon Knight actually being in costume made this feel more like a disposable Netflix show than a proper MCU entry. Harrow was also a completely forgettable villain.

PICARD: I definitely enjoyed it more than the first season, but the initial excitement over the Borg Queen AND Q being involved wore off with time. There was too much time-wasting going on in present day Earth and not enough Q.

THE FLASH: I enjoyed the Armageddon 5 parter, but the Deathstorm arc did not impress me and I’m just going to wait until the Netflix drop for the rest of the season. This is the only show I have to watch with ads online and that is just so annoying at this point haha.

In other news… the Sci-Fi Pubcast isn’t dead, just on prolonged hiatus while Joel is busy with law school. We’ll try to squeeze in an episode here and there! I’ve also been slacking on my writing duties, but I did recently write some scenes for the sixth book in the fantasy trilogy. Boy, that book three epilogue just kept getting longer and longer!


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