Annual Check-In!

Another year gone by, another forgotten website domain.  I’m afraid I don’t have any new publishing news to announce yet, but hopefully I’ll be getting something in the coming months.

In the meantime, I’ve been quietly toiling away on my own original series.  I’ve now written ELEVEN unpublished novels!  Hopefully one day they will see the light of day.  I was really chugging away for awhile there, but over the last six months my schedule has really been upended and my output has dwindled away.  And now, in the middle of a pandemic, it’s pretty hard to focus on writing.  So I’ve been going back through the earlier books and rewriting scenes instead.  Which, of course, is necessary work, and ultimately more important than writing a rough draft of Book Seven!

I’ve discovered two new authors I really like recently.  John Scalzi writes wonderful sci-fi books with a great sense of humor.  I really loved the Interdependency Trilogy and the Old Man’s War series!  His style and sensibility really matches my own.  I also just finished Redshirts which was a hilarious fourth wall breaking send up of Star Trek.

Daniel Wilson is also a new favorite.  He wrote the two part series Robocalypse and Robogenesis, which is a primary source retelling of a war against evil robots in the vein of World War Z.  Great stuff!  He also wrote Clockwork Dynasty which I really enjoyed.

I am still a regular host on the Sci-Fi Pubcast which comes out every other week, which is also being released as videos on You Tube!

Stay safe out there, everyone!