I completely forgot I had this website. 🙂  So what’s gone on in the past year?

I’m now co-hosting the SCI-FI PUBCAST podcast, a bi-weekly show covering various sci-fi fandoms, usually movies and tv shows.  We’re proud to be a part of the new WHEN NERDS ATTACK network!  Check us out at or at

My second short story was published in October 2016 in TALES OF FORTANNIS: A BARD ACT TO FOLLOW.  This is a prequel to my novel IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, portraying the origin of the book’s villain the Doomsayer.

My next published work will be a sci-fi Sherlock Holmes story in BAKER STREET IRREGULARS 2: THE GAME IS AFOOT, coming in April 2018!

You can find my Amazon author’s page at

In UNpublished news, I’m currently finishing the fifth book of my fourteen volume sci-fi series.  I’ve been working on this story since 1993, and getting this far has been a major accomplishment for me.  It’s fascinating to see how the story changes in the process of sitting down and actually writing it.  It’s getting better, I swear! 😉

I am still shopping for an agent for my completed high fantasy trilogy.  Fingers crossed!