Final Edits

I just finished spending every spare moment of the past week doing final edits on IT’S A WONDERFUL DEATH, my first and forthcoming published novel. It’s a full length expansion of my short story published last year, THE LIFE AND DEATH OF BERYL TRUESWORD.  It begins with a re-write of the original short and goes on to tell the rest of her story, as well as including Michael’s characters from his own stories.  This past week has got to be the longest I’ve ever actually sat down and worked on a book in my life!  My attention span was rallying against me the entire time.  Coming soon, September-ish!

Beryl Truesword, a knight of Ashbury, travels to a far away land called the Hidden Kingdom to defeat an evil warlord who can foretell the death of anyone around him.  A prophecy about her death binds her to the land, so she remains to make the Kingdom a better place.  Unfortunately, quite a few people (and some creatures that aren’t people at all) stand in her way.  Terin Ostler and his friends from Ashbury are sent to the Hidden Kingdom to track down an evil necromancer and find out what happened to Beryl but they all become caught up in a much larger crisis that could threaten the entire world.

In other news, I’m 2/3 done with the THIRD book of my big 14 book sci-fi series!

I read the new Star Wars novel BLOODLINE by Claudia Grey.  It stars Leia six years prior to The Force Awakens and reveals the backstory about the New Republic, the Resistance, and the First Order.  It was pretty enjoyable and very informative about the galaxy at large.  This was the novel I wanted to read after seeing the movie!