Star Trek Beyond & Finished Editing

STAR TREK BEYOND was pretty good.  I’d say it was just a smidgen below the first two, mainly for a very weak villain and a waste of Idris Elba’s talent.  The story was smaller and more “episodic” this time.  Still, the action scenes were great and it was a lot of fun.  The ending twist was really good, I just wish it appeared sooner.  Special nerd points for multiple shout outs to Star Trek Enterprise; not my favorite show, but still nice to see!

After a long, long month, editing is finally done on IT’S A WONDERFUL DEATH!  Coming in September-ish!


Final Final Edits and Mr. Robot

Wow, I said on June 10th I was doing final edits on my book… well, it’s June 21st and I’m STILL doing final edits!  It’s an interesting but aggravating exercise to agonize over every word… for 80,000 words.

I just recently discovered Mr. Robot.  This is an amazing tv series!  I’m completely hooked, and now that I’ve seen all the existing episodes, I’ve had to go cold turkey.  Argh.  An incredible well written show, it keeps you on the edge of your seat even though it’s actually a pretty slow and ponderous story.  And it feels so much like a Stanley Kubrick movie it’s really unsettling (in a good way!).


I’m re-reading Michael Crichton’s book Congo for the first time in oh 20 years or so.  Great book!  Complete page turner!  Now I’m starting the movie version on Netflix, and it’s amazing how it’s mostly faithful to the material yet really, really bad in execution…

In writing news, I’m still doing frantic last minute edits on my first published book with Michael Ventrella, It’s A Wonderful Death.  And I’m approaching the end of writing the third book of my sci-fi series.