Daniel Suarez and Critical Mass

I just finished the latest Daniel Suarez novel, CRITICAL MASS, which is a sequel to DELTA V. The two books are a fascinating look at the near future of humanity with extensive research and plausibility. While I thought Delta V was a little too procedural/technical, it was still a great look at the next step of space exploration. The sequel takes this concept even further in a spectacular way. It becomes more about the future of the planet Earth and humanity itself. The coming decades of global warming, mass climate change disasters, economic collapse, and the desperate need for space technology to save the planet.

Neither of the books are action packed thrillers but they’re not meant to be. The sequel in particular was an incredible page turner, not only for the progression of the story, but for what I would learn next about the future of humanity. The most interesting aspect is how asteroid and moon mining could provide the planet Earth with endless free energy which in turn can scrub our atmosphere of CO2 to save us from climate change disaster.

I’m a big fan of all of Daniel Suarez’s books, but it’s been a few years so I don’t remember the details anymore. DAEMON and FREEDOM TM were another two parter about the emergence of a sentient artificial intelligence that goes on to take over the world. I remember that also being a mind-blowing look at the future of technology.

KILL DECISION was actually the first book of his that I read. As I recall this is most mundane and traditional thriller, with a minimum of future tech theorizing, but it was nonetheless a really fun page turner.

I barely remember INFLUX but it was another great thriller portraying a new kind of future technology. I definitely need to read this one again.

CHANGE AGENT was about genetic editing and the danger of identity and impersonation. I recall it being another great thriller.

Daniel Suarez is on a short list of current authors I love and I’m always excited when a new book of his comes out.