Whoops, forgot about this site for awhile there!

I did an interesting writing exercise today.  I went with a writer’s group to a farmer’s market where we interviewed passersby about their lives to write one page short stories inspired by them.  I believe I have five stories to write now.  It was an interesting process for me because all my stories are long interconnected epics.  I never write on the fly like this.  Apparently I’ll be getting a mention in the local paper!

Also, I’ve received word that the publisher has accepted my forthcoming novel!  It’s a full length continuation of my Beryl Truesword short story in his fantasy anthology series Tales of Fortannis: A Bard Day’s Night.  Coming in 2016!

This is nowhere close to publication, but last month I completed my high fantasy novel trilogy.  This was a huge personal accomplishment for me as it’s the first long form story I’ve written from start to finish.  If I get hit by a bus tomorrow, I’ll at least have that on the page in fully realized form and not just a set of notes!

I’m now moving on to continuing the first book in my primary story, an epic sci-fi series that will total 14 books if I ever get it finished.  This is the series I’ve been working on since 1993.  I started writing it as a novel in 2006 but fell away from it.