Oh, so THAT’S how you log in!

I was lazy with updates and got locked out of my own domain name.  How embarrassing!  Technology and log-ins and websites are not my forte.  But after several clumsy stumblings about, I finally figured out how to get back in!

Sadly, I’ve only had one new work published in the many months since I’ve updated.  A short story in “No Holds Bard: Tales of Fortannis”.  This is a post-Wonderful Death tale of Elmeki showing how things shook out in the Hidden Kingdom after the events of the novel.

In UN-published news, I’m still working steadily on my own original works.  I recently completed the rough draft of my ELEVENTH novel!!!  In addition to “It’s A Wonderful Death” in the Fortannis universe, I’m now ten books into my own original franchise.  Five of the books tell a high fantasy epic, and the other five are the beginnings of a 14 part science fiction series.  That’s my real goal.  I’ve been working on this series since 1993, first as a television series, now as novels (that will hopefully be turned into a television series!).  I’m still plugging away trying to get an agent so all these works finally get to see the light of day.

I’m also still a co-host of The Sci-Fi Pubcast.  Unfortunately the When Nerds Attack podcasting network dissolved last year, but we are still going strong under our own domain name!  We have a lot of laughs talking sci-fi movies, tv, and books and wandering off on bizarre tangents.  Check us out; IT’S FREE!


One of our common guest stars is fellow author Randal Graham, who wrote the delightful life-after-death parody tale “Beforelife”.  Check it out!  (though it’s not free)