Jupiter Ascending… Fun Flick!

I’m sure I’m going to hold the unpopular opinion here, but I loved Jupiter Ascending. It definitely had some problems. But it’s just so refreshing to see an actual sci-fi movie with actual aliens in it. (GOTG being the obvious recent exception) Random weird looking aliens in the background AND foreground. Hell, there’s a dragon guy. And a elephant man.

Movies nowadays are always so terrified of being true sci-fi. They’re always ‘grounded’ and ‘gritty’ and ‘realistic’. As much as I like the new Star Trek movies, they go out of their way to avoid showing ‘funny’ aliens and do anything that doesn’t look modern day.

Jupiter wasn’t afraid to show some imagination. Or to have complications in their story. This isn’t Rebels vs Empire. There’s three different factions of the royal family/corporation. And then there’s the cops. And bounty hunters. And a neutral bureaucracy. I loved the layers. I loved how there was so much more story than what they could fit into the movie.

The action scenes were of course eye-popping, though nothing revolutionary on the level of The Matrix. There was something damn exciting about Channing Tatum sky-skating around the entire time though.

My major complaint would be in the primary villain, who isn’t really portrayed to my tastes. Ironically this fellow is up for Best Actor at the Oscars this year, but I really didn’t like the choices here. He throatily whispers all his dialogue EXCEPT THE COUPLE TIMES HE SHOUTS LIKE A MANIAC. I was much more interested in the other siblings.

It’s a shame the box office failure means we won’t get the story continued. I’d really love to find out what happens next. To find out more about the royal brother and sister whose loyalties we never really learned.

This is one of the movies people will love to pick apart and attack… but I prefer to appreciate something for what it is, rather than what I would rather it be.


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