New Year’s Resolutions!

In a few weeks I’ll have finished my thirteenth novel. This is book 7 of 14 in my science fiction series. The official halfway point! Put into TV terms, that is 77 episodes of the series I’ve been working on my entire life. That’s great and all except for the fact that nobody’s read/seen it! Out of those thirteen finished books, only one was ever published, and that was in someone else’s franchise and not my own. My own original work remains unseen.

So, New Year’s Resolutions. I did my research and I’m sending out queries for agents. If I don’t land one… in six months time… I’m gonna self-publish. Not gettin’ any younger over here! This has always been my purpose, and it’s time to realize it, anyway I can. We’ll see how it goes!

Also, hopefully I’ll win that billion dollar Mega Millions tonight. That’ll make the self-publishing MUCH easier!

I used plural resolutions, didn’t I? I got number two settled. I bought two toilets and I’m getting someone in to install them on Monday! Fancy livin’ over here!


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