2023 Upcoming Movies

After a relatively quiet year for movies in 2022, 2023 is clearly going to be a return to form with a ton of major titles come out.

10. Meg 2.  The first movie is a classically ridiculous so bad it’s good fun time and I cannot wait for an even more ridiculous sequel.

9. Transformers 6.  I enjoy these movies more than most and I’m looking forward to seeing a proper sequel again even if I know nothing about the animal Autobots and think it’s a little silly.

8. Spider-Verse 2.  First one is a stone cold classic and this is gonna be even bigger.

7. Fast X.  I unironically enjoy the hell out of the movies and while 9 was definitely a big disappointment I am really looking forward how they bring this franchise to a conclusion.  Plus, Jason Mamoa and Brie Larsen are joining in!

6. The Flash.  Jury’s still out if this movie ever sees the light of day but I’m definitely curious to see it if only for the endless number of guest stars.

5. Aquaman 2.  Love the first one more than I ever expected, it was truly insane, and hopefully this one can match it.

4. Indiana Jones 5.  One of my all time favorite franchises!  I dearly hope this will be a fitting and amazing conclusion despite the loss of Lucas and Speilberg as creators and Ford being very, very old now.

3. Ant-Man 3.  Paul Rudd is a national treasure, the second movie is amazing fun, and this movie is going to be the proper introduction of Kang the Conqueror to the MCU.  This is going to be amazing.

2. The Marvels.  I can’t believe we had to wait five years for a second proper appearance of Captain Marvel when she should be the new leader of the MCU but here we are.  I’d be excited just for that but having a massive team up with Ms Marvel and Photon in a huge outer space adventure is going to be… marvelous.

1. GOTG 3.  Not only is this going to be an amazing  and hilarious MCU sci-fi film, it is also has special import as the conclusion of the GOTG trilogy, the end of the road for a large number of these characters, and James Gunn’s final entry in the MCU before he became the godfather of the DC Movies.


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