Comic-Con News

It’s almost all Marvel goodness, but I am also very excited by some STAR TREK news:

We got a Lower Decks Season 3 trailer showing them visiting DS9.  Awesome!  DS9 is my favorite Trek and I dearly love Lower Decks.  This is peanut butter and chocolate!

The craziest news of the entire con for me… the Lower Decks animated characters are going to appear in Strange New Worlds in a mixed media Roger Rabbit style crossover.  Wow!  I never thought this would happen in a million years!  I can’t wait for this.  Although… I do wish the live action actors appeared as their characters instead because I would like to think that Lower Decks is a 100% canon series that just happens to be animated.  I’m very curious to see how they treat it, but this is incredible news.


So many great announcements.  A lot we already knew or suspected, but still exciting to get a road map of the next few years.

The most important news is we’re getting TWO Avengers movies in 2025, The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars, named after two of the most famous comic stories in Marveldom.  This is going to be as big as Infinity War and End Game!  By the time this is all over, Kang is going to be just as famous as Thanos.

We’re getting a Thunderbolts movie which is going to be great.  I can’t wait to find out which characters they’ll use, such as Yelena (Black Widow), Ghost, Task Master, Baron Zemo, Abomination, US Agent…

Daredevil is returning with his own Disney Plus series, for 18 episodes no less.  I wasn’t terribly impressed with the Netflix show, though I’m sure the MCU will be a much better version with more superhero-ing and more action.

We know we’re getting Fantastic Four in 2024, but not who’s in it or who’s making it, which is the bigger question.  The previous two iterations have not been great but I know Feige will produce the best possible version of one of the cornerstones of Marvel Comics.

These announcements are all exciting but what I really want to know is who’s playing these characters and who’s directing these movies.  We do know the Russo Brothers are not doing Secret Wars.

Noticeably absent are any mention of the X-Men.  Maybe they’re going to wait until this “Multiverse Saga” is over for that?  Will the next meta-saga star the mutants?

In non-Comic Con news, I’m halfway through the new Avatar the Last Airbender novel, The Rise of Yanchen by F.C. Lee.  It’s great so far!  Just like the two Kyoshi novels before it, this tells a fascinating tale of a previous Avatar in an incredibly fleshed out world with a level of detail the cartoons never had the time for.

And in truly random news that will interest no-one, I also just read the Gregory Keyes prequel novel (Crucible) to Independence Day Resurgence, a movie that I and I alone seem to love.  The reason I enjoyed it so much was seeing how the world dealt with the aftermath of an apocalyptic alien invasion, came together as one to defend against the next attack, and adapted alien technology into their everyday lives.  And this book is the story of that, so I enjoyed it a great deal.


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