TV Update

KENOBI:  We just discussed the show on the latest episode of the Sci-Fi Pubcast:

I absolutely loved the show.   It’s my favorite Star Wars TV series.  So wonderful to have a sequel to the Prequels starring the main characters.  So cool to see Obi-Wan and Vader face off.  Little Leia was a delight and her relationship with Obi-Wan was so touching.  I even think the show looked bigger and more cinematic than Mando or Fett.  Everything looked like a big set instead of being shot on the Volume for some reason.  This was my most anticipated show for the year and it exceeded my expectations.  Like every Star Wars story, you can pick it apart if you choose to, but it was a delight and flowed even better on rewatch.

MS MARVEL: I’m enjoying this much more than Moon Knight.  I do wish there was more plot/action, but Kamala is a delightful character with a great supporting cast.  It definitely lacks a strong villain but the mystery of the origin of her powers is a great hook.

THE BOYS:  Hilariously obscene as always, I think I’m enjoying this show more than ever with the addition of Soldier Boy and the Boys experimenting with power drugs.  My greatest complaint about this show is that the heroes have no super villains to fight, no threat to them, and we finally get someone who can actually put them in danger.

THE ORVILLE:  This show is a loving pastiche of early TNG, which is both a blessing and a curse.  As much as I love Star Trek, I do not love those early TNG seasons, so for me this show is a great joke for a couple episodes and then it loses interest.  And just like early Trek, some episodes are great, and some are a chore to get through.  I definitely don’t like the idea of doing 1h15m episodes. 

STRANGE NEW WORLDS: Still loving this show!  Out of the entire first season there was only episode I hated, the fairytale episode.  This has been a consistently good show with astounding production values, great characters, and great situations.


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