Star Trek Novels Post-Nemesis

The first post-Nemesis novel was Death in Winter by Michael Jan Friedman.  I confess to having no memory of this book but it dealt with the aftermath of the Romulan Empire coup.

Keith DeCandidio also wrote Articles of the Federation, a West Wing style political story about Nan Bacco the new Federation President.  This is a delightful book with a great sense of humor.  Bacco would go on to be a central character in the franchise going forward.

What followed next was a six book series about the Borg.  It began with Resistance by J.M. Dillard.  I don’t remember this book well.  Next was Peter David’s Before Dishonor which also had the Voyager crew in it.  I know there some real outrage at the events in this book, but I don’t remember it well enough to have an opinion on the matter.  Suffice to say there is a major change to a major character!  Christopher Bennett’s Greater Than the Sum was the final prelude to the big trilogy, and I don’t remember this one either.

Now then!  David Mack’s Destiny Trilogy!  This is the greatest, biggest, most momentous, epic, cinematic, game-changing Trek Lit book(s) ever made.  If you read a single Trek Lit book(s), make it this!!!  This is the final apocalyptic war with the Borg.  They invade the Alpha Quadrant en masse and destroy entire planets.  Major franchise planets.  Major characters die.  It is the literal end of the world.  Mack does an astounding job of blowing up the entire galaxy.  This is one of a handful of Trek books I’ve taken the time to re-read.  It’s incredible.  It’s also a massive team-up story with the casts of TNG, Titan, DS9, even a little Voyager.  This is the ultimate Trek story!

There followed two immediate Destiny aftermath books.  I don’t remember Losing the Peace by William Leisner at all.  Keith Decandido’s A Singular Destiny is a sequel to Articles of the Federation showing President Bacco dealing with the horrific aftermath of the Borg War and I remember it being great.  It also sets up the next phase of the Trek Lit franchise; the hostile powers of the Alpha Quadrant create the Typhon Pact to counter the Federation and the Klingon alliance.

The next series was a loose eight book series called The Typhon Pact.  Zero Sum Game is another David Mack military masterpiece and a major movement for Bashir’s character and Section 31.  It also completely reinvents the Breen into the major new nemeses of Trek Lit.  In the coming books by David Mack, the Bashir / Section 31 and Breen storylines come to form a spine for the entire line.

Rough Beasts of Empire by David George is the book that stalled my marathon for years.  This book just rubs me the wrong way.  I deeply dislike what it did to Sisko’s character and the overly wordy narration did not appeal to my ADHD at all.  It is interesting to see Spock dealing with the Romulan coup.

Paths of Disharmony by Dayton Ward… I forget what happens in which book now but it had a major change in the state of Andor as I recall.

Plagues of Night / Raise the Dawn by David George.  I recall having similar issues with this book as with Rough Beasts.  It’s mostly a DS9 story, but with the vast majority of the original cast missing, and DS9/Bajor being so much less important to the Alpha Quadrant now… it just doesn’t feel as vital.

All told, I like the concept of the Typhon Pact series, but I was disappointed the different books did not tie together into a more coherent whole.  Zero Sum Game is absolutely the best one, but David Mack is always going to be the best.  The three George books do form a loose trilogy.

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