Movie Rankings: 1996, 1995, 1994


10. EXECUTIVE DECISION. I vaguely recall enjoying this.

9. ERASER. Same.

8. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. I think this is overrated but there are some classic bits in it.

7. MARS ATTACKS. A legitimately hilarious parody of alien invasion movies full of so many stars.

6. SCREAM. The classic that redefined horror.

5. LONG KISS GOODNIGHT. I remember this being a really funny movie with great action.

4. FRIGHTENERS. Peter Jackson makes a classic horror comedy action adventure full of great characters and action scenes.

3. STAR TREK FIRST CONTACT. The best TNG movie.  Seeing the Borg on screen was great.

2. THE ROCK. Classic Michael Bay!

1. INDEPENDENCE DAY. This movie was as big as Star Wars for me as a teenager.  The ultimate popcorn thriller, even if it’s ridiculous and silly at times.


10. BAD BOYS. Pretty forgettable Michael Bay movie.

9. ACE VENTURA 2. This was the funniest movie ever made for teenage me.

8. OUTBREAK. I just saw this again and it’s a great medical thriller.

7. USUAL SUSPECTS. I recall this being an exceptionally great mystery thriller.

6. 12 MONKEYS. Dark and disturbing but classic time travel sci-fi.

5. JUDGE DREDD. I adore this ridiculous comic book hamfest.

4. BATMAN FOREVER. Too cartoony but still a good Batman adventure.

3. GOLDENEYE. I did not like this movie as a kid but I appreciate it now as an expert reboot with a great hero, villain, and set pieces.

2. WATERWORLD. I legitimately loved this movie as a kid.  The on-water filming remains an incredible achievement and Dennis Hopper was a hilarious bad guy.

1. DIE HARD 3. I absolutely love this movie.  One of my all time favorite action movies.  Great story and villain and full of amazing on location NYC filming.


10. LEON THE PROFESSIONAL. I’m afraid to watch this movie under a modern lens but it was a really moving action thriller as a teenager with a star-making role for Natalie Portman.

9. THE SHADOW. I’m a sucker for 30s era action adventure and this is a great one.

8. STAR TREK GENERATIONS. Not a very strong Star Trek movie but it’s cool to see the TNG cast in a movie for the first time.

7. PULP FICTION. A ground breaking classic that in addition to an arthouse film manages to be funny and entertaining at the same time.

6. CLERKS. Kevin Smith’s greatest film and another paradigm shift for movies.  Plus, it’s hilarious.

5. MAVERICK. Pure fun.  Mel Gibson at his most charming.

4. TRUE LIES. Not my favorite James Cameron movie by far but still a Cameron movie.

3. STARGATE. Loved this as a kid.

2. LION KING. Disney’s best animated feature.

1. SPEED. One of the great action movies of all time.


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