Movie Rankings: 1999, 1998, 1997


I couldn’t just do a top ten!  Too many choices!  And so many more low-key classics I had to leave out.  NOTE!  I am ranking these based on my teenage mindset at the time!

15. SIXTH SENSE.  Not my personal favorite but absolutely a landmark movie.

14. DEEP BLUE SEA.  When I think of late 90s action/horror/comedy, this exists as the perfect example.  The sharks got smarter!  My head is like a shark’s fin!

13. BLAIR WITCH PROJECT.  This was the first horror movie to truly creep me out and it basically invented the found footage genre.

12. DOGMA.  One of my all time favorite Kevin Smith movies.

11. WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH.  Brosnan was “my” Bond, and while it hasn’t aged well, at the time I thought this was a great Bond movie full of amazing set pieces.

10. GALAXY QUEST.  Another classic movie and the perfect Trek parody while also being a good scifi movie on its own merits.

9. WILD WILD WEST. Nostalgic bias alert!  I remember being dead sick for an entire week and this was the first thing I went out to do when I got better.  This movie, as ridiculous as it is, will always hold a special place in my heart.  Will Smith and Kevin Kline were a great comedy duo.

8. THREE KINGS. This is an amazing war movie, absolutely hilarious, brilliantly shot, and carries a deeper message about the corrupt nature of US foreign policy.

7. SLEEPY HOLLOW. Probably my favorite Burton (non-Batman) movie.  Everything about it is flawless.

6. SOUTH PARK THE MOVIE. South Park was the greatest thing in the world at the time, and the movie was even better than the tv show.  Not only did it tell a great epic war story, not only was it rated R, it was also filled with legitimately funny and catchy songs.

5. AUSTIN POWERS 2. This was the biggest comedy of the year and another huge influence on pop culture.  The first movie was a flop, but this one introduced Doctor Evil and Mini-Me into the public lexicon.

4. THE MUMMY.  One of my favorite movies of all time!  A perfect modern day Indiana Jones adventure with great characters, humor, action, story…

3. FIGHT CLUB.  An amazing movie full of so much detail I can pick something up new every time I watch it.  In addition to being brilliant and open to interpretation (I say Tyler was the wrath of God and a new Deluge to punish the wicked!), it’s just plain fun, full of humor and truly inventive cinematography.

2. THE MATRIX.  What can I say.  Another genre-defining film.  A perfect movie.  Every second works.  Absolutely blew my mind in 1999.

1. STAR WARS PHANTOM MENANCE.  I’m a Star Wars nerd, ok?  A new movie coming out for the first time in my life was an EVENT.   It changed everything about a franchise I had a deep love for and investment in.  While it has perhaps not aged as well, at the time it was the most amazing thing in the world.  I remember marveling just as the backgrounds and sets in every scene.  It was magical!


10. ARMAGEDDON. Not my favorite Bay movie, way too saccharine, but still some great disaster movie visuals.

9. LOST IN SPACE. I actually really enjoy the first two thirds of this movie, but the third act is a slog.

8. DEEP IMPACT. I remember liking this more on a story/character level.

7. BIG LEBOWSKI. Classic Cohen Brothers but I do think it’s a little overrated.

6. BLADE. The first non-embarrassing comic book movie, even it doesn’t feel or look like one.

5. ENEMY OF THE STATE. This is a wonderful action thriller.  Will Smith and Gene Hackman are great together.

4. RONIN. I love this movie!  It is a perfect thriller with stellar dialogue and the best real world car chases ever filmed.

3. SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. Greatest war movie ever made.  Iconic.

2. LETHAL WEAPON 4. This might be my favorite of the series.  Tons of great characters, hilarious all the way through, incredible action scenes, and a great villain in Jet Li.

1. GODZILLA.  Teenage me absolutely loved this movie.  It’s definitely goofy, but so was ID4.  A skyscraper sized monster running through Manhattan can’t be beat.


10. SCREAM 2. I remember this being a slightly disappointing sequel but still clever.

9. HERCULES. Shockingly I never saw this as a child, but I enjoyed it as an adult.

8. EVENT HORIZON.  A great scifi horror with some truly disturbing imagery.

7. BATMAN AND ROBIN. It’s embarrassingly ridiculous but I can enjoy it as a campy romp.

6. ALIEN RESSURECTION. Much more enjoyable than the third one even if there’s little new to see.

5. CON AIR. A classically ridiculous over the top action fest.

4. STARSHIP TROOPERS. In addition to being an amazing sci-fi war film with ground breaking CGI, it’s also a scathing parody of fascism and militarism.

3. MEN IN BLACK. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are a perfect pair and the movie is hilarious.

2. LOST WORLD. I enjoy this more than most.  The plotline and characters are inferior to the original but there are a ton of absolutely classic set pieces in here.

1. FIFTH ELEMENT. One of my favorite movies of all time.

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