2022 Television

BOBA FETT: It definitely wasn’t a slam dunk like Mando, but I enjoyed the series a lot. I do think there were some major structural missteps. I never got a solid sense of Fett’s present day motivation and development. The building of his little army didn’t work great (he only has twelve people but he runs a massive palace? With who?). Fennic doesn’t get any development herself. The best episodes of the show don’t even have Fett in them, but boy were they incredible. I also really wished we got some classic old school Boba bounty hunting pre-ROTJ.

DISCOVERY S4: The 10-C storyline was really interesting, and I loved where the story took Book. Tarka was a really interesting semi-antagonist. I do wish there had been more pew pew action though.

THE FLASH S8: The Arrowverse seriously peaked with the Crisis on Infinite Earths and the Covid restrictions certainly haven’t helped, but this season has really bounced back thus far. I’m enjoying the show more than I have since Crisis!

RAISED BY WOLVES S2: Man, this show is weird. But I’m riveted by the mystery of the alien world and the mysterious entity manipulating events. Mother and Father remain fascinating characters. The production values are astounding.

PEACEMAKER: I enjoyed this show so much more than I ever expected to. I loved Gunn’s Suicide Squad movie but the notion of a tv series starring just Peacemaker did not sound great. But it was consistently hilarious with a great story and supporting cast.

PICARD S2: This has been a great deal of fun so far and better than S1. With Q and the Borg Queen where can you go wrong?

HALO: I am a huge fan of the video games and I’ve read a lot of the books too. So I have a huge investment in this. Seeing these characters on screen is magic, but I think if I didn’t have that connection, I wouldn’t be in love with the show. I’m just dying to see how faithful they are to the story.

MOON KNIGHT: I’ve only seen the first episode as of this writing. It was a very intriguing what-is-reality opener but I was hoping for more Moon Knight on screen than we got. I’m sure it’ll be great in the end.

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