Movie Rankings: 2008, 2007, 2006


10. SPEED RACER.  A dazzling  Wachowski Brother visual treat, even if I didn’t care about the story.

9. INCREDIBLE HULK.  The worst MCU movie but still entertaining.

8. WALL-E.  Another great Pixar movie, but half of it is a silent movie starring two robots.

7. THE MUMMY 3.  A vast disappointment after the first two, but still fun.

6. KUNG FU PANDA.  A fun kids movie with great visuals and action.

5. TROPIC THUNDER.  This movie is truly hilarious while also managing to be a good action movie parody.  And so many celebrities!

4. HELLBOY LOST ARMY.  A vast improvement on the first film.  It feels much closer to the comic and more of a Del Toro movie.  

3. INDIANA JONES 4.  I actually love this flawed movie.  It was so magical to have Indy back, even if the story wasn’t as great.  I do think it has some truly iconic set pieces though; the Area 51 chase and the jungle car chase.

2. THE DARK KNIGHT.  An amazingly well written Batman movie and a great portrayal of the Joker.

1. IRON MAN.  But I have to give the top spot to the movie that birthed the MCU.  This movie works on every level with fun and charm and action and changed movies forever.


10. THE SIMPSONS MOVIE.  I’m a die hard Simpsons fan  I’ve seen every episode.  This is a perfect distillation into a movie format.

9. SWEENEY TODD.  One of my all time favorite musicals.

8. NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN.  Not a “fun” movie, but a masterpiece of dialogue and style.

7. SPIDER-MAN 3.  I like this more than most.  At least with three different villains it kept the plot moving with regular action, unlike the first two.  Getting Venom on screen, even in this lame version, was a huge nerd moment.  “Evil” Tobey is still ridiculous though.

6. 300.  Zach Snyder’s visual masterpiece.  A comic book come to life.

5. HOT FUZZ.  My favorite Edgar Wright movie by a mile.  Hilarious fun and even has good action.

4. DIE HARD 4.  I truly love the first three movies.  This is not as good, but it is a lot better than it has any right to be.  It’s a pretty good action flick with a pretty good villain plot.

3. PIRATES OF THE CARRIBBEAN 3.  I truly love the first two and went into this with high expectations that were not met.  It was a disappointment on nearly every level, but it’s still a good movie.

2. HARRY POTTER ORDER PHOENIX.  My 2nd favorite book of the series and a great movie.

1. TRANSFORMERS.  I only had vague childhood memories of the cartoon but the combination of nostalgia with Bay-sanity makes for a true crowd pleaser.


10. TALLADEGA NIGHTS.  Another hilarious Will Ferrell comedy.

9. HAPPY FEET.  A delightful children’s movie with incredibly good CGI.

8. THE PRESTIGE.  One of the better Christopher Nolan movies with a great plot twist.

7. BORAT.  This movie makes me laugh harder than anything else; and it also has a moral message by satirizing ignorance.

6. CRANK.  This is a delightful insane and over the top movie.

5. V FOR VENDETTA.  Haven’t seen it in years, but I recall it being a great adaptation of an excellent comic book.

4. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III.  J.J. Abrahams makes an amazing first movie with great action and visuals.  I enjoy this far more than the first two.

3. X-MEN LAST STAND.  I enjoy this movie more than most.  It’s definitely got some terrible choices in it, but the sheer number of characters (Beast!  Juggernaut!  Danger Room Sentinels!) made it a winner at the time.

2. CHILDREN OF MEN.  Alfonso Cuaron makes a perfect film full of realism, mystery, astounding camera technique, truly moving moments, and also great action.

1. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2.  I love this movie.  It’s a sequel that expands on an amazing first chapter in so many wonderful ways.  It’s chock full of truly iconic sequences with inventive action and humor.

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