Movie Rankings: 2020, 2019, 2018

I have a sad obsession with movies and making lists, so I went through and made top ten lists for every year of my life!  Please note these are not rankings based on artistic quality, but on sheer enjoyment.


5. SOUL.  Good but not great Pixar movie.

4. BORAT 2. Sacha risked his life at the onset of the pandemic to give us a hilarious and scathing indictment of American bigotry.

3. BILL AND TED FACE THE MUSIC.  A shockingly satisfying decades later sequel that is a perfect follow up to both original movies.

2. ONWARD. Solid Pixar with an incredibly sweet ending.

1. TENET. Not my favorite Nolan movie, way too confusing, but a visual spectacle.


10. FROZEN 2. The first Frozen is a classic and I think this actually had a better story, even if it didn’t have as many iconic songs.

9. HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3.  The second one is an amazing movie this is almost as good.

8. JUMANGI 2. I found the first one pretty enjoyable and thought this was even better.

7. HOBBS AND SHAW.  I’m a big Fast fan and this was a solid spin-off with great action and humor.

6. TERMINATOR DARK FATE.  Another better than expected sequel.  I really did not like Genisys and this felt like a redemption of the franchise.

5. GODZILLA 2.  This is my favorite Monster-verse movie.  It was truly epic, end of the world stuff, with a huge amount of monsters, amazing set pieces, and a fascinating look at the concept of the Hollow Earth.

4. SPIDER-MAN FAR FROM HOME.  Aside from a little too much time spent on the high school field trip, this is another great outing.  Mysterio was a great villain, and what a cliffhanger!

3. CAPTAIN MARVEL.  This is a perfect introduction to Carol Danvers.  I was instantly convinced she could lead the future of the MCU.  The Kree/Skrull War and the plot twist of the Skrulls being the victims was a wonderful twist.  Talos is another instantly iconic character.  

2. AVENGERS ENDGAME.  Unpopular opinion: the first hour of this movie is an absolute chore to sit through.  It’s too depressing and too slow.  The time heist is a lot of fun and the ending battle is pretty good.  I do feel this was an underwhelming way to end the saga, however.  I still disagree with the decision to kill Thanos in the first ten minutes and then replace him with an alternate past variant who had none of the character arc from Infinity War.  It completely robs the movie of having a compelling, developed villain.

1. STAR WARS RISE OF SKYWALKER.  Another unpopular opinion!  I love this movie!  After the Last Jedi and the toxic fandom resulting from it, this was a redemptive breath of fresh air.  It is definitely not perfect; Palpatine is my favorite villain and I loved him coming back… but not explaining how and then killing him so easily undercuts the entire concept.  I’m also not happy with using cut footage to awkwardly cram in Leia only to kill her off; it was a disservice to the character.  But it’s a fun movie full of great sequences, and we finally got to see Rey, Finn, and Poe have an adventure for the first time in their third movie.


10. RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET. A wonderful sequel to a wonderful movie.

9. MORTAL ENGINES. It’s a real shame this movie bombed because I thought it was a really interesting original genre world with some great action.

8. SPIDER-VERSE. So much better than I ever would have hoped.  A comic book come to life.

7. READY PLAYER ONE. Speilberg hits it out of the park.  The endless cameos from every property in existance are just the icing on the cake.

6. ANT-MAN AND WASP. I have a special place in my heart for this one.  I think it’s the most purely fun MCU movie just full of hilarious bits and overlapping villain plots.

5. DEADPOOL 2. Even better than the original.  The additions of Cable and Domino make everything twice as great.  Plus we got the Juggernaut and more hilarious interactions with Colossus.

4. BLACK PANTHER. Not only is this a great MCU movie, it’s a great introduction to a brand new world and cast of characters, and a great villain with a meaningful motivation.

3. AQUAMAN. This was so much better than I expected.  The sheer amount of insanity in this film is astounding.  They threw everything and the kitchen sink into this one.

2. SOLO.  While not the most epic or successful Star Wars movie, it’s still a ton of fun and a delightful breath of fresh air after Last Jedi. 1. INFINITY WAR.  The greatest MCU movie ever.  A massive comic book crossover event come to life in a way I never dared to dream of.  An incredible achievement.

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