Babylon 5 What If?: Four Seasons!

Disclaimer: This will only interest deep seated B5 fans.

Back in the late 90s one of my favorite time wasting mental exercises was reimagining Babylon 5 into different formats to take out some of the lesser episodes in Season 1 and 5, and also to add in intended material from the movies or the original run time. Now that JMS is rebooting the series on the CW in the fall, I took another crack at it. Here’s B5 in four seasons with all the chuffah cut out!

Season One (“The Coming of Shadows”)

  1. The Gathering Part One
  2. The Gathering Part Two
  3. Midnight on the Firing Line
  4. Soul Hunter
  5. The Parliament of Dreams
  6. Mind War
  7. And The Sky Full Of Stars
  8. Deathwalker
  9. Survivors
  10. By Any Means Necessary
  11. Signs and Portents
  12. A Voice in the Wilderness part 1
  13. A Voice in the Wilderness part 2
  14. Babylon Squared
  15. The Quality of Mercy
  16. Chrysalis
  17. Points of Departure
  18. Revelations
  19. The Geometry of Shadows
  20. A Race Through Dark Places
  21. Soul Mates
  22. The Coming of Shadows

Season Two (“Severed Dreams”)

  1. All Alone in the Night
  3. Acts of Sacrifice
  4. Hunter, Prey
  5. There All the Honor Lies
  6. And Now For a Word
  7. Knives
  8. In the Shadow of Z’ha’dum
  9. Confessions and Lamentations
  10. Divided Loyalties
  11. The Long, Twilight Struggle
  12. Comes the Inquisitor
  13. The Fall of Night
  14. Matters of Honor
  15. Convictions
  16. A Day in the Strife
  17. Voices of Authority
  18. Passing Through Gethsemane
  19. Dust to Dust
  20. Messages from Earth
  21. Point of No Return
  22. Severed Dreams

Season Three (“Into the Fire”)

  1. Ceremonies of Light and Dark
  2. A Late Delivery From Avalon
  3. Sic Transit Vir
  4. Ship of Tears
  5. Interludes and Examinations
  6. Walkabout
  7. War Without End, Part One
  8. War Without End, Part Two
  9. Grey 17 Is Missing
  10. And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place
  11. Shadow Dancing
  12. Z’ha’dum
  13. The Hour of the Wolf
  14. Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?
  15. New Standalone
  16. The Summoning
  17. New Standalone
  18. Falling Toward Apotheosis
  19. The Long Night Part One
  20. The Long Night Part Two
  21. Into the Fire Part One
  22. Into the Fire Part Two

 Season Four (“No Surrender, No Retreat”)

  1. Thirdspace Part One
  2. Thirdspace Part Two
  3. Epiphanies
  4. Atonement
  5. Racing Mars
  6. Moments of Transition
  7. No Surrender, No Retreat
  8. The Exercise of Vital Powers
  9. The Face of the Enemy
  10. Intersections in Real Time
  11. Between the Darkness and the Light
  12. Endgame
  13. Rising Star
  14. The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari
  15. Darkness Ascending
  16. And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
  17. Movement of Fire and Shadow
  18. The Fall of Centauri Prime
  19. The Wheel of Fire
  20. Call to Arms Part One
  21. Call to Arms Part Two
  22. Sleeping in Light

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