Dune and Foundation

Glad to hear we are getting a second Dune movie, because the first one really does just abruptly end in the middle of the story.

I definitely enjoyed the movie and it looked gorgeous, but nothing can top the deep level of childhood nostalgia I have for the David Lynch version. It’s just so iconic and weird in every single moment, full of really interesting visual designs and performances. Nothing in this 2021 version made an impact in quite the same way. Shout out to the 2000 SciFi mini-series as well!

I have finished reading the seven book Foundation series. It had its up and downs and was definitely “of its time”. The original trilogy was very clearly 1940s early sci-fi, and the 80s/90s prequels/sequels still had some clunky and problematic elements. Still, it was an interesting read and I didn’t remember anything from reading it as a kid.

My initial excitement for the television series has been dropping off with each episode. It’s so wildly different from the books as to be almost unrecognizable. Which is not in itself a bad thing, but I find some of the creative choices bizarre. Why is half the runtime taken up by the cloned Emperors, characters who do not even exist in the books? I’m guessing it’s because they (and Demerzel) are going to end up being the only characters to survive in future seasons as the timeline jumps forward centuries?

The show is ignoring what to me is the most fascinating aspect of the story, Hari Seldon himself, his life on Trantor, the love of his life, and his mysterious benefactor. That is what the first season should have been focusing on!

Also, the entire conceit of the Foundation series is that the heroes solve their problems non-violently. So to see main characters gunning down enemy soldiers left and right in the show feels like a step against the entire point of the franchise…

I feel the same way about the Y the Last Man television show, which was unfortunately cancelled. It ended up getting further away from the comic as time went on, which is a shame.

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