Terminus and Terminus

I’ve resumed writing Book Seven (of Fourteen!) of my sci-fi series TERMINUS. At the same I’m also rewriting the series outline and timeline for the first time in ten years. I’m sure I’ll be making some improvements!

Speaking of Terminus, I’m up to reading the seventh and final novel of the Foundation series. I’m still pretty sure I thought of the name Terminus before I ever read this… The books have been interesting but not astounding. I am curious to see how the series ends; I don’t remember it at all except for one big thing.

Speaking of Foundation, I’m afraid I’m losing interest in the television series. I was invested in the Seldon story and he appears to be permanently gone after the second episode. I’m also surprised to find nearly half the runtime occupied by the cloned Emperors, who are not even in the books.

Along a similar line, I’m enjoying the television adaptation of Y the Last Man, but I definitely prefer the comic book.

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