Writing Update

I reached a major milestone this week. I finished doing a second pass on every single book I’ve ever written. That’s eleven, count ’em, eleven, unpublished novels! I’ve got five finished books in my fantasy series (six intended) and six finished books in my sci-fi series (fourteen intended).

My next step is to update my episode-by-episode summary for the sci-fi series, which hasn’t been done in ten years. I’ve got dozens of pages of notes from over the years, but nothing coalesced into something anyone other than I could understand.

After that… back to original writing! I basically stopped writing a year ago to focus on editing the existing books. Kind of hard to be creative in these dark times.

The high fantasy series, DYNASTY, has five finished novels. The first book is the only thing others have actually read and it’s been rewritten many times over. That’s my first finished novel from way back in 2005.

The sci-fi series, TERMINUS, is my real dream project. I’ve been planning it since 1993 when I was a little kid. It’s supposed to be a seven year tv show, but in an unfortunate bend to reality, I’m writing it out as novels instead. Fourteen novels, with each book representing one half season (eleven hour-long episodes). It’s prose, but in five act episode structures.

I just finished writing the 70th episode of the series. Season Four, Episode Four. Which means I am 70 episodes into a 154 episode run. 46% finished writing my dream project! Hopefully one day someone else will actually see it!

There is also a ten book prequel series to Terminus and a trilogy as well. So I have a grand total of 33 novels planned, 11 completed. I’m one third done with my entire life’s work!

I’ve submitted queries to dozens of literary agents this year. Just got to keep plugging away…

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