It’s working now!

OK! I finally got this website set up on my new computer so I can actually access it.

I’ve been reading Asimov’s Foundation series for the tv series. I’m halfway through the third book, aka the first book, Foundation. I was shocked to learn the main planet of the series is called Terminus, which is the name of my sci-fi series! I’m not sure which came first, the chicken or the egg. I created Terminus in 1993 and I’m not sure when I read Foundation as a child.

Clearly, Asimov used his own psychohistorical technique to prefigure the name of my own series in order to steal it back in 1942. đŸ˜‰

In either case, I got spooked for the future so I rushed out and bought which will redirect here. Sadly, was already taken!

I’ve been enjoying the Foundation novels though they are clearly of their time. I’ve enjoyed the first two episodes of the tv series but it’s a shame they didn’t use more of the backstory from the prequel novels, particularly Dors Venabili.

Speaking of Terminus, I have been very slowly going through and doing an edit on the books. I was partly into the 6th novel of the 14 book series when I took a break. I’ve finished editing the 5 fantasy book series and I’ve currently on book 5 of my Terminus edit. Still hoping to get this in the light of day in the future! This year I broke all my old records agent queries, and thusly broke all my old records for agent rejections.

As always, I’m completely blanking on what other books I’ve been reading lately.

Don’t forget to check out the podcast I’m shockingly still a regular on, The Sci-Fi Pubcast! We even have our own You Tube channel!


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