Annnnnd I managed to forget about the site again!  For some reason the return of The Expanse tonight reminded me of it, perhaps because I associate that show more with the novels than the TV show now that I’ve read all of them.

We’re just two weeks away from the publication of my next story in Baker Street Irregulars: The Game Is Afoot!  While it’s not listed yet, I am deeply honored to say there will also be an audio book and my story will be read by actor Korey Jackson!

It’s been awhile, so let me post my Top Ten Movies of 2017:

  1. The Last Jedi: this one was actually a tough sit for me, but I’ve come to appreciate it on further viewings.
  2. Thor Ragnarok: this movie was just pure joy all the way through.  Definitely the most fun all year.
  3. Guardians Galaxy 2: a solid sequel with a great story, villain, and sense of humor.
  4. Justice League: a deeply flawed movie in many ways, but there’s such a joy to seeing all these characters on the screen together for the first time that I give it a pass.
  5. Spider-Man: Definitely the best Spider-Man movie yet!
  6. Wonder Woman: a well made movie with only a few flaws.
  7. Skull Island: a really entertaining reinvention of King Kong.
  8. Valerian: my semi-annual bizarre original sci-fi movie that everybody hates but I love.
  9. War Planet Apes: I preferred the second movie but this was a wonderful end to the trilogy.
  10. Furious 8: Surprisingly this turned out to be my favorite film in the franchise.

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