Man, there were a lot of cancellations this week.  A lot of really great shows I’ll dearly miss, and some that were just cute but worth checking out.  I can’t image next season having the wherewithal to replace them properly.

Galavant.  Agent Carter.  The Muppets.  Heroes Reborn.  Castle.  The Grinder.

Crowded.  Grandfathered.  Undateable.  Truth Be Told.  Telenovela. Cooper Barrett.  Bordertown.  Angel From Hell.  Minority Report.  Second Chances.

I’ll miss Galvant and Agent Carter most of all…

At least I’ll have a long awaited prize to tide me over…. the sequel to The Ice Limit!  The original was published in 2001 and ended on the most tantalizing cliffhanger imaginable… and then I had to wait 15 damn years for the followup, but it’s finally here!

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