Ranking the Marvel Movies

(note: this is Marvel Cinematic Universe only)

I don’t have any major problems with any of these movies; none of them are bad.  Thirteen movies in and I’m still terribly excited about them.

  1. AVENGERS: perfection. a masterful balancing act of story, character, action, humor…
  2. AGE OF ULTRON: unfairly maligned, this movie does an amazing job of juggling far too many characters and stories. While not as strong or fun as the original, its shot better, has better action, and generally does all the little things better.
  3. CIVIL WAR: unfairly overhyped, this movie does an amazing job of juggling far too many characters and stories. Spider-Man is great but utterly superfluous to the story.
  4. WINTER SOLDIER: love that this is Avengers 1.5 with the greatest plot twist in the MCU.
  5. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: so much more fun than anyone would have thought possible.
  6. THOR: a great introduction to the larger cosmic world and a great character.
  7. CAPTAIN AMERICA: so glad this is a proper WWII period piece.
  8. THOR DARK WORLD: rubbish villain, but everything else is great.
  9. IRON MAN 3: I still kinda hate the Mandarin twist, but it’s a good movie otherwise.
  10. IRON MAN 2: the villain is uninteresting, but the Avengers set up is fun.
  11. IRON MAN: the only reason I rank this so low is because it’s all origin story which makes for tedious re-viewings.
  12. ANT-MAN: a fun movie but it’s basically a remake of the first Iron Man movie.
  13. INCREDIBLE HULK: not a bad movie, just not terribly interesting.

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