Great Death Scenes

(Nerdy spoiler alert! If anyone cares I’m going to discuss a major death in a recent issue of the Avengers comic book.)

There’s nothing more involving than a good death scene, and lots of people die in comic books. (and then come back) Just a few weeks ago I read a really great death scene to share with you.

Some background:

Namor is the King of Atlantis and a character that’s been around since 1939. He’s been a villain as much as a hero. He’s the most arrogant prick in the Marvel Universe and always tries to steal Susan Richards away from her husband Mister Fantastic.

A few years back, Namor was infected with the Phoenix Force (long story) and destroyed Wakanda, the African nation ruled by the Black Panther. He was later cured but remained unrepentant for his actions. Black Panther (T’Challa) swore vengeance on him, but they were forced to work together because of the new crisis:

The multiverse is destroying itself. Universes are crashing into one another and obliterating themselves. The intellectual elite of the Marvel U banded together to solve this impossible problem and were driven to increasingly desperate and immoral solutions.

They finally ran out of ideas, abandoned all hope, and sat back to watch the universe die. But nothing happened. Because Namor, on his own, freed Thanos and his followers from prison and led them to destroy the other Earth (and thus, the other universe) before it destroyed theirs.

But Namor quickly lost control of Thanos and realized the err of his ways. He crawled back to the heroes seeking help. They concocted a plot to lure Thanos onto a dying Earth and explode a bomb trapping the villains in the dying universe.

Namor led Thanos into the trap and flew back to the portal to escape- only to find T’Challa waiting for him. He stabs Namor in the heart and sends him crashing back to the dying Earth, and then delivered this monologue when asked why he didn’t close the portal immediately:

“I know that look. You’re wondering, what am I waiting for? … Because I want him to know- really know– it’s over. To fully realize there’s no forgiveness for what he’s done. That there is a price and he’s finally going to pay it- that there’s no mercy for men like him, and even if there was, he doesn’t get any.” (The camera pans in on Namor’s face as he wakes up… realizes what happened… and explodes in rage…) “I want him to know this is how it ends. And more than that… I want him to know… it was me.”

“Where is he, T’Challa? Where’s Namor?”

“He’s not coming,” T’Challa says.

Now, this being comics, Namor will be alive and well in a year or two. But still, what a great ending to a great character.


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