My favorite current authors? Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Nobody writes a suspenseful page turner better!  Between them they’ve published 31 novels since starting with “The Relic” in 1995 and I’ve loved all of them (or at the least, most of them).

Agent Pendergast, a modern day Sherlock Holmes, is one of my favorite literary characters.  I still can’t believe they haven’t made a movie series out of him yet, particularly with the recent Sherlock media craze.  The Pendergast series has been dependably excellent throughout, though I do miss the slightly more paranormal days of the early books.  It also has a great sense of continuity with a large cast of recurring characters and building subplots that ran through multiple books.

Fortunately their solo author novels tend to veer into sci-fi/paranormal to meet that need.  Every one of their books is a solid read; I would even recommend the worst (which would probably be Tyrannosaur Canyon).  If you’re looking to try just one, I’d recommend “Utopia”, which is basically Die Hard in Disney World.

There’s not many current authors out there I get excited about, but a new book from them always means an exciting weekend.  I’m still looking for a thriller author to match them.

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