Magical moment last night… the first on-screen appearance of Lando Calrissian since 1983 #StarWarsRebels

Ever since I was little, Star Wars has always been my first love.  I even love the Extended Universe.  I’ve read most of the novels and a few of the comics.  Hell, I’m even a Prequel Apologist.  Yes, I will agree with you on every single complaint lobbed against them: the wooden acting, the bland dialogue, the whiny unlikeable main character, the poorly written romance, the cartoony CGI…  Except for Jar Jar- there’s no excusing him.  😉

But it’s still Star Wars.  And while the execution left much to be desired, I find the story of the corruption and collapse of a Republic (and the microcosm of that in the Jedi’s Chosen One) at the hands of a single visionary to be much more compelling than a ragtag bunch of rebels fighting an evil Empire.  Star Wars will always have flaws, but nothing else fills me with nostalgia quite like it.


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